Listen to the people

Here’s what our customers have to say-

“I’m totally hooked -- I get to skip lunch-packing and my kids *love* your cooking so much they’re even trying the vegetables!  I mean, I should pay you a bonus!  Thanks for including protein in every meal, and making it easy to navigate GF/DF choices.  The kids are in such good moods when I pick them up because they tanked up at lunchtime and are no longer just running on fumes by 3pm.” -Jessica

“Having food allergies is tough. It’s especially challenging when you have a 6 year old who gets pretty bored with the same options. Dinner in a Dash has been so accommodating to my daughter’s allergens and widened her palate to try things that she might not get from home.” -Erica

“My child LOVES his lunch everyday.  He is full and satisfied and ready for the rest of his day.  I love the convenience of ordering and paying online weekly and knowing that he is having a well balanced and truly healthy lunch that he enjoys.  I can tell the food agrees with him, he doesn’t have the tummy troubles he experienced with the school lunch program as his previous school.   We treat ourselves to the Family meals about every other week, and we know why our son is so happy with the lunches.  The pot roast/ polenta with asparagus Family meal is amazing” -Eileen

“I love the convenience of ordering lunch online and not have to worry about packing my lunch on certain days. The prices are reasonable, the healthy options are great, and the portions are just right! My favorites are the vegetable lasagna and the taco bowls!” -Lynitia 

“Dinners in a Dash has provided my kiddos with an  exceptional option of excellent and healthy school lunches.  The wide variety of options is fantastic for the picky eaters in my household. During this busy season for our family, we are very thankful this school lunch option is available”-Karen