Are the meals fully organic? 

Our meals are not completely organic, however we try to use organic or natural products when possible.  Most of the ingredients used in preparing our meals are considered whole foods. That means we’re not using processed foods very much at all.

How do I know what’s in each scratch made meal? 

Under the description of each meal, we’ve listed the ingredients.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a question.

How are the meals kept warm/cold until lunch time?

Entrees are packaged fresh each day and delivered shortly before lunch, nestled safely in our delivery carriers until it’s time to eat. 

What size should I order? 

Small would be considered a good choice for kids seven and under, unless you’ve got a big eater.  


Meatballs- 2 big ones vs 4 big ones

Pancakes- 2 pancakes vs 4 pancakes

Taco Bowl-1/3 cup meat/tofu vs 2/3 cup meat/tofu

How often does the menu rotate?

It’s different for every meal. The Choosy Eater options rotate every two weeks.  Everyday Salad and a Protein changes about every two weeks as well.  That being said, we’re flexible to offer popular items more often and eliminate products that are less loved.

What are the Family Meals?

We’ve heard it loud and clear! Families want to share a healthy meal together, but often don’t have the time to cook.  So, we’re doing it for you. Order your Family Dinner when you order your school lunches.  Family Dinners will be available for pick- up when you pick up your child.  It will be kept cool in one of our coolers.



Please view your school’s calendar for specific days lunches will not be served.

How do I order?

All ordering is done through our online store at dinnersinadashatlanta.com.

To order, head to our homepage and click the create account button in the top right corner. You will be able to create an account and go through the process of setting up the profile. All ordering is à la cart. We take all major credit cards.

Please order only products from the meals tab at the top of the home page.  While we do have many different products, all are not offered every day.  

At this time, orders can not be taken over the phone or via email. In addition, we’re not able to customize or take special requests at this point. 

Can I make substitutions in my order?

Sorry, substitutions are not allowed.

Can I make special requests for my order?

While we do accommodate allergies and other strict dietary issues, general special requests will generally not be accommodated.

Why do I need to enter my students’ classroom teacher?

We do this mostly for families who have more than one student at the same school.  It also makes it easier for your school’s administration to get the lunches to the right place.

How far in advance do I need to order?

Ordering for the upcoming week closes on Friday before. So, while you still may see the current week menu posted, the system won’t allow orders to go through.  For example, ordering for the week on Monday, August 6 will close at midnight on Friday the 3

What’s the minimum number of meals in an order?

There is no minimum order! Order one, or order a ton!

What happens if I’ve ordered a meal, and my child is sick that day?

Our meals are made fresh every morning, so unfortunately we cannot provide last-minute cancellations or credits. Your school’s administration has agreed keep your child’s lunch in the fridge until 3:30 that day.  


How are the lunches packaged?

Over half of the schools we serve have composting on site, so it makes sense that the lunch boxes themselves be compostable. Each lunch comes with a napkin and set of silverware.  In addition, often times a little goodie will be placed inside each lunch! Surprise! 

We constantly review our packaging options for each type of meal that we offer, to find the best balance between food safety, economy, and the ease of distribution to the schools. 

Do you offer lunches for special diets?  

Yes, we do. Most days there will be a gluten-free and dairy free selection. In addition, the Everyday Salad and a Protein is always vegetarian unless you choose to add chicken.  If you consider being choosy a special diet, yes, we also cater to those that palate as well. 

How do you handle allergies?

Allergies matter. All our menus are free of both peanuts and tree nuts ( except coconuts).

Our meals are made in a commissary kitchen in which nuts are used; however, we prepare our lunches in nut-free production lines using ServSafe practices to avoid cross contamination.

Certain items included in our ingredients may have come from a facility that processes nuts.

Likewise, other items marked as gluten or dairy free are also prepared in the same kitchen where these items are in use.

Since we are unable to make any guarantees, we ask you to make your own choices like you would when you go out to eat. By voluntarily participating in food selection, parents accept all risks associated with ordering food